Residential and commercial buildings must be regularly cleaned. With many companies and county governments now outsourcing their cleaning needs, cleaning services is a good business idea in Kenya at the moment. There is a good opportunity to make good money in cleaning business. The good news is, with the right tools, a cleaning business is perhaps one of the simplest businesses you can start.clin2


As you start your cleaning business, you will need basic cleaning tools such as a floor scrubber. You can go for a used machine but in good condition. A used one will cost you approximately ksh50,000 – ksh80,000 depending on condition, type, capacity and where you buy from. A brand new one would be more expensive, approximately ksh120,000 – ksh200,000 also depending on the above factors. This machine will be used for scrubbing floors and floor carpets.clin1

Another machine you will require is a vacuum cleaner. A good one will require between Ksh10,000 and Ksh25,000 depending on capacity and make. You also have an option of starting with a used machine but in good condition. The vacuum cleaner will be used to clean dust from carpets and sofa sets.

Other tools include buckets, mops, shampoos and other detergents. You may also need hand brushes, cobweb removers and window cleaners.


A cleaning business requires very good networking in order to get cleaning jobs. You should talk to business owners and property agents about your cleaning business and share your contacts with them. Ask for cleaning contracts or one-off cleaning jobs whenever you get a chance. Specifically target professionals with offices such as consultants, doctors, lawyers, and business owners. Most of these people do not employ cleaners. Arrange to clean their offices over the weekends when they are not busy or are not receiving clients in their offices.

Negotiate with them a monthly fee such as Ksh10,000 up to Ksh 20,000 depending on the size of the office and what else is to be cleaned such as seats, carpets, tables or windows. For bigger organizations with several offices, you can charge as much as Ksh50,000 and above. For property owners, you can offer to clean the whole building on a contract. For such properties, charges such as ksh100,000 and above can apply depending on the size of the building and the number of floors.

With good network and aggressive marketing, there is good money to be made in this business idea in Kenya. An advantage of the cleaning business is that you can operate from home, as long as there is enough space to keep your cleaning tools and machines. You can choose to hire staff on temporary basis, where you call them up only when there are cleaning jobs to be undertaken. You can start with one or two and agree with them on the rate of payment per job. Remember to provide your staff with protective gear such as gloves, gum boots and overalls or dust coats.

Being a very simple to start, a cleaning business can be a good idea for those who have some cash and can spare enough time to market the business and supervise the cleaners. Quality of the work will sell the business therefore, maintaining high standards of cleaning is key to the success of this business.

If you are out there, wondering which type of business to venture into, why not consider starting a cleaning business?cin.jpg

Author: Dennis Wanjohi