There is one thing that stands out of every business opportunity – the price. Want to sell anything from your shop? Your customers will want to know more about its price. Want to seal a consultancy deal with an organization? They will most probably want to know what price you’ll quote for them.

Whatever product you sell or whatever service you provide – the price is a key aspect. That’s why it has to be deliberate and compelling. All the more, in the age, where written word can persuade a lot. Yes, sure. That’s about copywriting hints which can help sell the price swimmingly.

Here are the tips..

1.Be Very Frank With Your Pricing

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that price should be maximally fixed. Do you have something to keep from your customers? If not, let everything be clear. The phrases: “It depends on…’’ or “Come we talk” are quite misty.

At least the basic suite of services or the minimal price of the product without additional components should be quoted. Don’t be afraid to say a fixed price, because its absence smells wrong for the customers.


2.Decipher The Price

Following the topic about the frankness goes the fact. The more explanations you provide the more will be your customer’s wish to buy. It doesn’t mean you have to overwhelm with a great deal of information, including absolutely unnecessary things. The aim is to decipher the price.

Let them know what comprises your pricing. For instance, you might want to explain the reason why Product A is more expensive than Product B is due to the fact that A’s raw materials are obtained from abroad while B’s are local.

If you come out as honest, clear and elaborate, chances are that you are going to clinch the deal. Why? Because customers like to work with honest and straightforward companies.

Compare these two examples:

“The trip to Egypt will produce unforgettable impressions on you. Discover the best of Egypt and its ancient treasures with our range of tours. The cost is from $500. For more detailed information call us on a phone number …”

Of course, it’s mellifluous, but there is no specifics. It’s vague. I don’t want to call somewhere, I want to know right here and right now. Nothing prevents me from looking for other tours.

Actually, there are great a lot of such people and such descriptions of tours.

“This tour will open Egypt for you with all its beauty and mystery for just Ksh52,000 ($520). The cost of the tour includes the flight, transfer from the airport, hotel accommodation, insurance. The excursions are paid separately.”

Perhaps, I even supposed such state of things. However, this information is more clear. Decipher the price and the respondence will be better.


3.Prove The Economic Viability

An effective fee proposal is the best value for money. A priori, the process of purchase is relatable to expenses. Your task is to formulate an opinion: No expenses, it’s some kind of investment. It is profitable. For instance, the customer wants to buy a book – it will bring new knowledge. The customer wants to attend the courses – the theory and practice got by the end are valuable and increase chances to find a new job. Show the economic viability and the price will look more attractively.

4.Provide Some Guarantee To Back Up Your Price

The guarantee is aimed at fighting with сustomers’ reservations, and at reasoning the price. Depending on the situation, product or service, guarantee many things.

Examples of things you can guarantee:

  • High quality
  • Promptness
  • Low prices
  • Result
  • Offer several guarantees at once
  • Real pleasure

The guarantee gives confidence in the quality of the product, it pushes the customer to make a purchase. That’s why it can stand in good stead.

5.Compare Indirectly But Ethically

Comparison can persuade greatly. When the clients are thinking about price efficiency, they usually compare something. There can be a variety of such comparisons because everybody thinks in their way.

Here our aim is not to wait until the customer thinks but not in our favour. There are some sales managers who use such methods as naming the competitive firm or company. It’s rather unethical.

A better way to use comparisons is to compare indirectly. Compare with quantity and benefits. For example: “This product costs Ksh2,000 ($20). It’s even cheaper than 4 tickets to the cinema.” In this way, the price looks more attractive.


6.Provide Good Examples

There’s no point in being limited to the description of the product or service. Tell your potential customer the successful story of previous or standing customers. The story of the product or service that solved some problems for Mr. Joe or Mrs. Juma.
It’s up to what you sell. Show the customer the same simple client with similar challenges and difficulties. The client should think in the way: “Really, why not?”price


There is no way around speaking with the customer about the price. Equip yourself with persuasion.
‘’Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. Warren Buffet
Prove this value. Make the price sound worth of the value. Sell confidently, adroitly and cogently.

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