It is hard to tell for sure who is cut out to succeed in business and who has a less chance of success. There are many determined, hardworking, educated and smart people who end up struggling in business. On the flip side there are timid people, jokers (or people who look like they’re not serious) who venture into business and deliver amazing results.

So, what really makes a successful entrepreneur? You may not find all the answers to this but here are some three worth pondering upon.

1.The Ability To Be Many Things Rolled Into One

You may be a successful accountant, project manager, engineer, sales person or any other profession. Unfortunately in business, being good at one thing is not enough. Success in business requires an all rounded individual who has a vision and is keen to stick by it.

To be specific you need to be good with people including your employees, clients, suppliers, service providers, business partners and many more business stakeholders. On the other hand, you need to sharpen your communication skills, keep track of trends and know a bit of accounting.

While at it, you must know how to identify, negotiate and seal deals, how to talk with suppliers and your bank. That’s quite a plateful!


2.How Fast Can You Get Going?

It doesn’t matter how educated or trained you are…if you don’t have the ability to make decisions fast, then you will struggle scaling the heights of entrepreneurship. There are people who brood on a business idea for years still waiting for the right timing or for a clearer picture of everything.

In as much as some of these things are important, at times, excessive analysis can be a source of perennial procrastination that will simply kill any would-be entrepreneur. So, if you are convinced of an idea and want to get going, just do the very necessary and get started.

You can adjust your business and scale it as you progress. In fact, once you step out into business, you will discover that a lot of your thoughts and plans were not actually practical.


3.Keep On, Keeping On..

The other very important aspect of business is consistency. Once you have done your research and settled on a business idea, stick to it long enough to break through. This is one of the major missing factors in many failed businesses.

Be consistent, open to learning and researching. The reason so many local businesses fail is because we don’t have a habit of learning and researching. And even when we research, we end up merely copying what others are doing.

In order to succeed in business, you have to be in a position to bring fresh ideas on the table. Most importantly, be consistent. Don’t get started just because you want to get short-term gratification.

Final Word

Whether you are a full time employee seeking a side hustle or you are without employment and are venturing into business, the basics remain the same. Reflect through these concepts even as you prepare to step out into business.

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Wanjohi Dennis is an independent blogger and Internet Marketer who is versed with global matters and trends as well as the current business affairs. He can be reached on or on twitter: @deniswanjohi4


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