few years ago  I can recall spending hours on end trying to find ways of making money online in Kenya. Years and thousands of attempts down the line and I believe I have now tried, or at least had some experience with almost all possible methods of earning money online. In fact most of these methods are applicable in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, US, India, and everywhere across the world. Online jobs are a great way to supplement the income from your day job, or even a way of making a living.

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This list is in terms of preference, based on the earning potential from each method – beginning with the methods with the highest income potential where you can earn up to thousands of dollars and concluding with the online scams where you stand to make $0.

I have written and researched this article for close to a year in an attempt to cover every possible method of making money online. During this period I experimented with various methods of presenting whatever information I gathered. Following the immense popularity of my other list articles online I decided to follow the same format on this piece. This is one invaluable list. Bookmark it, Pocket it, Print it, Pin it, Tweet it, try everything out, and keep visiting often for updates.


Online jobs are a great way to supplement the income from your day job or make a living    CLICK TO TWEET


Freelance sites are not a method of making money online; they are actually a platform where you can get all kinds of freelance jobs. Work on freelancing sites is not limited to writing jobs. In effect, the most popular jobs apart from writing include graphic design – designing logos, headers etc., video editing using camtasia, software development, programming, translation, and customer service. It is never too late to learn a new skill or use a hobby to make a living.

  1. Fiverr – I believe that Fiverr is the best online freelancing site at the moment.
  2. Upwork – Formed by the merger of two previous freelancing giants i.e. Odesk and Elance.
  3. Freelancer – Average at best. Too many freelancers competing for few jobs.
  4. Peopleperhour – hard to get jobs.
  5. Guru.com – very few jobs.
  6. 99designs – As the name suggests, the site is a great place to sell logos, banners etc.


I strongly believe that e-commerce is the most untapped local industry. Jumia along with other online based stores such as Kilimall are experiencing phenomenal growth. However, none is showing market dominance and there are numerous opportunities for new players. This is especially true for niche markets. A niche market means focusing on a specific product and creating a market and e-commerce site for it.

A good example is Byhand Products that sells art pieces online, which i first heard of on CNN! Areas where I believe are still untapped include electronic devices especially mobile phones, clothing, accesories, shoes, luxury goods etc. It is very easy to build an ecommerce without any knowledge of running a website or web development using e-Commerce Content Management Systems such as:

  1. Magento – The most popular, but meant for larger websites.
  2. Woocomerce – Highly recommended

This posts will show you how to build an online shop in Kenya.



Simply put, academic writing involves completing, mostly foreign college/university students’ written take-away assignments for profit. In layman’s terms: you are doing some lazy student’s homework for a small fee. One thing you have to know is that no type of academic work is simple; these essays are way different from what you encountered in the Kenyan education system. Nonetheless, the essays vary from somewhat simple high-school 200-word discussions to very complex 10000 words+ PHD dissertations. I have written about academic writing in detail on this post.

Every academic essay comes bundled with very strict grammar, punctuation, and referencing instructions. Additionally, you will have to do a lot of research before and during the course of writing. Academic questions tend to involve all sorts of topics: If anything is taught in an educational institution then you will certainly find its questions. The most common questions come from these disciplines.

  • Health courses e.g. Nursing
  • Business and marketing
  • English and literature
  • Law
  • Education


  1. Uvocorp – One of the best academic writing websites around. They pay up to $20 per page (~275 words)
  2. Essaywriters – The academic site with the highest amount of work at any time. Has some of the lowest rates, but I know a number of writers making a killing from this site.
  3. Writerbay
  4. Academia-Research
  5. Essayshark
  6. Freelancewritingcenter
  7. Allwriting
  8. Edusson
  9. ResearchWritingCenter
  10. Brainywriters – The only Kenyan-owned site that I included in this list. They are Ok, well there are enough orders, and the CPP is average at best. You can make a decent income from this site, that is, if they don’t scam you first.

Here is a more detailedlist of up to 50 academic sites you can sign up to.

The main gripe involved with academic writing is the seasonal nature of the job. Students in most countries go for their summer holidays, and thus the academic writing industry is affected. During the low season there are very few jobs, and the few that are available pay very little.