The New Model Of Mobius II model

Earlier this week, Homegrown Mobius Motors announced the upcoming launch of their new Mobius II model.Our first-generation Mobius II vehicles launched in Kenya in 2015 and  theyare now preparing to launch the next-generation vehicle, the new Mobius II. Mobius is not just building vehicles more suited to local demand, but transport platforms that empower local entrepreneurs to run profitable transportation businesses with Mobius vehicles to end-users in their communities. The range of businesses is vast, from public transport, to mobile medical care, to goods delivery – transforming Africa’s transport network. and it looks like they are growing well and innovating massively as a homegrown automotive brand.

The new Mobius II combines sleek modern styling with rugged performance engineering to handle all road conditions in Kenya. In many ways, its reminiscent of a Land Rover car with a ‘chunky’ design language and timeless aesthetics. Mobius Motors’ pitch is that the Mobius II is built for Africa, with the durability required to traverse rural terrain reliably and in comfort. The new Mobius II is currently in the engineering and test phase with production launch in Kenya scheduled for 2017.

Mobius Motors originally designed and manufactured the first-generation Mobius II in Kenya, which fully sold out early in 2016. The next-generation Mobius II model will be manufactured at higher volumes and will offer a rugged chassis structure, high ground clearance, excellent suspension, and plenty of cargo space. In addition, the new Mobius II will offer new features such as power steering, sealed side windows, lockable doors, improved audio and more.

A Previous Generation of Mobius II model

The company is currently accepting pre-orders for the new Mobius II. To learn more about the product, the company and how to place a pre-order, contact the Mobius Sales team via or call 0719-582-470.

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