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Business Talents Exchange

The campaign season is upon us once again (if you’re from Kenya that is) which means politicians will be spending big money on posters, t-shirts, caps and umbrellas. And beyond the campaign season; companies, governments and institutions always have projects to run and they need….you guessed it…lot’s of promotional materials. So how can you start a business that fulfills this exact need? Is there a lot of money involved? We take a look.

Take a look here at BTEx

How To Get Started

You need to invest in a digital heat press machine (you can always upgrade to a more advanced machine as your business grows), a computer and a few sample materials (e.g. sample t-shirts, umbrellas etc). Also, you need to some graphic design skills which you can acquire through local trainings (consider interning at a busy printing shop to learn the best practices of this hustle). Lastly, you need…

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